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Store Floor

Set cameras to corridor mode to monitor store aisles. When paired with a fisheye camera, shelf areas are fully covered and advanced analysis can provide a visitor flow distribution heat map. Increased surveillance coverage greatly reduces theft of customer property and retail goods, providing a safe shopping environment.

Heat Map

A fisheye camera provides heat map functionality displaying hot and cold areas based on customer flow, allowing for enhanced business analysis. Fisheye cameras also provide a 360 degree image of the store floor.


Dewarping Modes

At the Grocery Shop

Corridor Mode

Corridor mode is used to monitor store aisles and minimizes the need for additional cameras to cover a single area.


Regional People Counting

Understanding how customers move through a store is the key in helping businesses optimize product placement and prolong customer stay. People Counting can be set to monitor traffic flow in certain regions.


Advertising Screen

Supports various video formats as well as images, text, and audio. Remote device management allows for a timer, volume adjustment, time sync, screenshots, and remote updates.

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