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Nimbus Notify App
Fire panel alerts on mobile and tablet

Nimbus Notify is an Android and iPhone application that delivers Nimbus fire alarm event notifications. Utilising push notification allows a smartphone to receive and display Nimbus events even when the smartphone screen is locked and the application closed.

Nimbus Notify is totally configurable with; repeat alerts until cleared, selectable sounds and the ability for a user to feedback the cause of the event, ideal for recording false and or unwanted alarms.

LAN Control Systems can supply a smart phone with the Nimbus Notify application preloaded and secured.

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Key features with Nimbus Notify
  1. Receive Nimbus events notifications Live

  2. Subscribe to events

    • Confirmed Fire

    • Fire alarm

    • Reset

    • Fault

    • and any Nimbus Event Type...

  3. Notification information includes

    • Client

    • Site

    • Event type

    • Device description (Panel, loop, address, sub address, zone, device descriptive label)

  4. Feedback to other users

    • Clear false alarms

    • Record the reason for a fault

Receive and announce Nimbus event notifications
Download Nimbus Notify Flyer
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