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Image by Hazhin Roshanysefat

IP CCTV Camera Systems

At Minerva we design CCTV systems; undertake their installation; train your staff to become commercial CCTV operatives and offer advice. We ensure both manned and unmanned CCTV systems remain operational through scheduled maintenance across a variety of different sized businesses, in a range of sectors. This helps our customers reduce crime and increase security in and around their premises.

Our professionally designed CCTV security camera systems are installed to current standards determined by NSI Gold Standards and are maintained by our in house team of engineers. Effective CCTV systems will not only provide round the clock security within and around your business premises; they will also allow you to reduce your security guarding costs; provide lone worker protection and help to prevent fires. The commercial camera systems we design and install can monitor external and internal areas, enhancing your provision of a safe environment for your staff and customers.

We can also install the latest IP video surveillance management solutions with high resolution commercial cameras for any application. These megapixel cameras can help you manage various locations in your premises including production lines and loading bays as well as identifying potential threats before they can cause harm and disruption. The benefit of a high resolution commercial camera is that they can effectively capture faces to identify breaches in security and later be used for prosecution. Low resolution CCTV systems don’t produce clear enough images.

A list of analytical types of operation we can offer are detailed hereunder:

  • ANPR – Auto Number Plate Recognition

  • Excellent reliability and industry-leading levels of accuracy in all conditions

  • True multi-lane capability with no overlaps from one camera

  • Wide field of view, superior image quality and high-performance accuracy

  • Line Crossing detection

  • Deep-learning-based target classification algorithm for auto-tracking 2.0 and perimeter protection

  • Unattended Baggage Detection, Object Removal Detection, Face Detection, Audio Exception Detection

  • Smart Tracking

  • Manual Tracking, Auto Tracking (support tracking specified target types such as human and vehicle)

  • Event Tracking

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