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Digital Security System

Intruder Security Alarm Systems

From a single office unit to multi-tenanted business premises and office blocks, we offer a wide range of products to fulfil every budget and conceivable requirement.

The intruder security alarm systems that we supply and fit are designed to provide you with the peace of mind that your business premises are secure at all times to protect your business’ most valuable assets – your commercial property and your staff.

Your premises is full of valuable equipment and documents which you need to keep safe and no building should be without a reliable security system. We design and fit security alarm systems for our customers working in wide variety of sectors. Every customer’s requirements are varied and we use our expertise to tailor your new alarm system to match your exact specification. We can also integrate your alarm system with CCTV and access control for a fully comprehensive security system.

Our intruder security alarm systems will not only act as a strong visual deterrent to potential intruders and vandals but they will monitor your premises, ensuring that any alert will be addressed immediately, with the relevant authorities informed.

Management and reporting via secure remote IP access is available for multi-site installations, reducing costs and increasing security – especially advantageous for isolated sites. Wireless systems, providing monitoring of up to 504 zones, also have the ability to integrate hybrid systems allowing the benefit of cost-effective upgrades.

How to Choose an Intruder Security Alarm System for your Commercial Business

Intruder security alarm systems which use bells only or audible alarms are rarely used on commercial premises as these don’t provide an automatic police response. If these types of alarms are used, a police response will only be triggered if unlawful entry has been witnessed and reported through a 999 call.

All alarms have triggers and are activated when an electrical circuit has been broken or motion is detected.

Alarms which are connected to a monitoring service are the most effective and commercial insurance companies require businesses to use monitoring services in order for them to provide cover.

If you opt for a remotely monitored alarm, where an activation signal is sent to a monitoring centre, this ensures that the police are contacted on your behalf in the event of a confirmed activation. This is subject to your system meeting the requirements of the police response to security systems policy.

Signals are filtered for false activations avoiding the risk of losing police response to your alarm. Intruder security alarm systems can be designed with the needs of your business in mind and take into account the usage of the premises whilst remaining effective and user friendly.

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